ROCIMG provides real-time analysis and works with our clients to ensure that the organizational transformation efforts are sustainable and can be managed by our clients.

Our implementation teams are comprised of individuals with deep industry expertise. Many of our consultants have facilitated or led major organizational change projects across several industry sectors. Our teams include professionals who have seen many implementations and have strong pattern-recognition skills. This pattern-recognition skill enables us to proactively recommend changes or affirm the current course of action so that our client’s goals are accomplished and the new operating model is sustained.


Framework for Governance & Management of Enterprise IT

CGEIT Certification

Enterprise Risk Management

Corporate Assets
Technology Assets

Technology Portfolio Management

Major Business Cases

Supporting Artifacts for Business Cases


Operations & Program Management

Grants Programs
Acquisition Programs
Charge Card Programs
Travel Programs
Environmental Programs


Source Selection
Vendor Management

Federal Acquisitions

Strategic Planning Implementation

Communication & Change Management